What and How to choose the Right Keywords for Mega Traffic

Keywords in Search Engine Optimizing and Search Engine Marketing are the building blocks and foundation of your website on the various search engines.
So, careful consideration is of extreme importance when choosing your key words for your pages, and thus in case you decide on and target the wrong keywords, all of your efforts will be wasted.
When utilizing chosen your key words, you might be in one of two scenarios: You were able to find a top 10 position in a major search engine and were very enthused about the traffic that encompassed in, or You got a top 10 ranking, but just a few traffic reverted into see your site.
Whats happened?
Well, in the first instance, the best keywords individual selected a keyword or phrase which was very popular and picked accurately, and lots a people searched on it, rather the other person optimized his/her page for a key word phrase that maybe not many people searched , thus obtained hardly any traffic.
So the million dollar question is then: how can you learn how to select the appropriate ones to maximize your website for?
I’ll first cite a couple of ways that to select your keywords wisely after which ways to find out how popular they have been.
Inch. Think in terms of one’s customer, put yourself into your visitors shoes, what could your customer hunt to get you? and
2. Focus your keywords into brief, two or three word phrases (Studies show the majority hunt for 2 or 3 word phrases)